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Jab bhi aata hai mera naam tere naam ke saath

Jaane kyu log mere naam se darr jate hain


Is it a Ghazal or a song, why can’t I remember?

This episode was postponed because of India vs Pakistan match. I didn’t watch today’s match, but our dinner was delayed because of the match. Nobody wanted to eat until New Zealand finished the innings. Argh!

Speaking of cricket match, Pakistan vs Afghanistan was so fun. I started watching after 17 overs. And then Asif started hitting sixes. Next thing we know, Pakistan turns the match around. I’m beginning to think that I’m lucky for Pakistan’s cricket team.

Right, enough chit chat. Let’s get to it.

Hum Kahan Kay Sachhay Thay Episode 13 Written Update

Okay, so the torture begins. Aswad will go to any length to punish Mehreen for a crime she didn’t commit. Usman Mukhtar is terrific when he admits that he isn’t marrying her out of love.

“Let me also commit a mistake,” he says.

Safwan’s mother tells him that he shouldn’t Mehreen. I feel her. She is a concerned mother who wants only the best for her son. Mehreen and her baggage will prove to be a nuisance for her family. I mean… There are selfish people in this world, right? We could have shown a more understanding family in an ideal world. But this drama chooses to show the ugly side and only the ugly side of the real world.

Mehreen goes to live with Sheeba, even tries to meet Safwan. The same Safwan who once believed Mehreen now blames everything on Mehreen ane trusts every word that Mashal said.

Are we to believe that one little phone call from Aswad to stay away from Mehreen has caused this 180 degree change? I’m not buying this.

Could it be possible that he’s only trying to push Mehreen away by being mean? I don’t think so.

Did Aswad tell Safwan something else about Mansoor on that phone call? Highly unexpected.

Mehreen shouldn’t have talked to Safwan. But then if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have been heartbroken, and she wouldn’t have married Aswad, and the story wouldn’t have progressed. Haha.

Okay, so Aswad and Mehreen are married. Things happen predictably.

“I won’t kill you. Zindagi sazaa hai,” he says. “I will punish you. You can’t leave the house or take any phone calls or talk to anyone.”

And then he readies to leave for USA.

Bhai, how can you leave her like that? Who will watch her if she is going out or meeting people or talking to them over phone? Does Aswad trust Mehreen to obey his commands like the most obedient wife? That’s a bit of a stretch, right? Saleha supports Mehreen one hundred percent, so she wouldn’t stop Mehreen if she decides to go out, right?

We also see Aswad arriving at his US wala apartment. He switches on the lights, and I couldn’t help but notice the switches. I even replayed the scene. I think the switches were reverse, which is how I expected them to be. I was putting my *Namal* mind to use, such is the impact of Nemrah Ahmed’s novel. Then I realized that I’m an Indian, and while I can assume, I don’t know if Pakistan’s switches work the way it does in India.

Yet again, we see nothing about *the night*, except for a few flashbacks. Aswad is so guilt-ridden, I don’t even feel sympathy for him. Apna guilt Mehreen ke khate mein likh diya bhai ne.

Shouldn’t we learn more about that night that Mashal died? So want to stop watching this drama. This has been only 13 episodes and I’m already

The best performance is when Saleha suggests that Aswad should leave Mehreen. We can see how hard it is for her to suggest a divorce the next morning of the wedding. Huma Nawab, becoming a fan of hers. Her character wasn’t so impressive in Dilruba where I first watched her. In this one, she’s playing the best character and the best performer of this show. Just wow!

Oh, and I’m not shocked that she doesn’t talk to Aswad when he calls about reaching home. Parents are like that.

I haven’t watched Mehrbano yet, not that I’m not too eager to watch it.

Have you read the novel ? Or my review? What do you think of the story? I will meet you in another review.

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