Qarar | Episode 23

Ammar loses his mind over some office gossips. Things get out of proportion,.and Junaid tells him that Ammar seems jealous of his success. Junaid gives his fair share of family sells.

Junaid immediately realizes just how much Ammar used to handle, and just how efficient he was.

Now, will Ammar live alone? Can he afford the big apartment he wants to rent? Will he talk to Fareeha? We will know soon.

Oh, the best scene of this episode is when Ammar yells at Maya: “Don’t yell at me.”

While Junaid is shopping for his invite baby girl, Maya is readying for abortion. Wow, I wonder how Junaid would react.

He isbslm sulking, that’s what he is doing. Ammar was hardworking and dedicated. The dude, Umair who takes over Ammar’s positions in not sincere. Junaid is dealing with shit left, right and center. Poor chap!

Nadira blames things on Fareeha as usual and she listens to her shit yet again. This character has no development, none, zero, zilch. Some redemption would have been appreciated.

Until next review, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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