Qarar | Episode 25

Maya asks for a divorce and Junaid agrees but not before the baby is born. Wait,.she hasn’t aborted it yet?

Salman hires a guy who hits Ammar’s car from the side. Now, Ammar is hospitalized and nobody knows.

Isn’t this the most clichéd way to resolve things? Couldn’t Junaid just admit to being a snob and apologize without an accident? Why does it take an accident to make people realize what blunders they have committed?

We see Siraj, Fareeha and Junaid at the hospital while Maya meets Salman, at home, in front of Nadira. What kind of a mother is she? She surprises me by slapping Maya. Whatta scene! Thand pay gayi dil wich…

Junaid also learns that Maya has asked Umair to not pay salary to Ammar. But he still doesn’t confront Maya. Why? What is he waiting for? Why didn’t he ask her? I am so angry, I can’t even.

Maya is the villain but Junaid is no saint either.

The episode ends as Salman makes Maya fall as she isn’t ready to abort yet.

Oh, boy!

This drama just got uglier than it ever was.

Thank goodness for romcom dramas like Chupke Chupke.

Until next review, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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