Favourite Drama List | Nabeel Zuberi

Nabeel Zuberi has been around the block for more than 4 years now, and he has done some notable projects.

Sherry in Suno Chanda (2018)

He plays Sherry, Shah Jahan’s grandson. He is initially interested in Jiya, but later marries Kinza.

Sherry in Suno Chanda 2 (2019)

He reprised his role in Suno Chanda 2

Razi in Dilruba (2020)

Nabeel played Razi, one of many aashiqs of Sanam, also her first husband.

Zameer in Dobara (2021-2022)

Minal’s husband, Mehrunnisa and Hidayatullah’s son-in-law. He’s a cunniving man who wants to extract money from Mehrunnisa’s business.


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