Kaala Doriya | Episode 6


Saima Akram Chaudhry and Danish Nawaz–the writer and director duo who gave us gems like Chupke Chupke (I quite liked it) and Hum Tum (it was hit-n-miss). This duo now brings us another romantic comedy Kaala Doriya.

Kaala Doriya is story of two families who despise each other. The guy and the girl, especially can’t tolerate each other. When they fall in love, all hell breaks loose. Will they be able to cross the hurdles thrown their way by family or will they power through to come together as one? Watch Kaala Doriya to find out.

Drama Kaala Doriya Episode 6 Written Update and Review



Alright, so Abba Miyan tells Shuja etc about the arrest. Tanno is happy to hear this. Mahnoor admonishes her mother for her out right display of contentment for


While the police was arresting Muneer and Abba Miyan and Bitto were watching from the terrace, Mahnoor had commented:


Achha hi hua.


Abba Miyan had admonished her. I had asked you all to remember her words, for this very reason. She is the one to tell her mother, repeatedly, that she shouldn’t be bitching about Muneer’s arrest. And, she is the one to tell


Alright, so Muneer is arrested because he was the guarantor for Shafeeq, his friend who is known to be a fraudster. Abba Miyan and Shuja go to the police station, Shuja pulls some strings and gets Muneer bailed. Muneer comes back home, but this incident gives Tanno more reasons to taunt Saleeqa Begum.


Life returns to normalcy and Asfi comes back to college. They are supposed to shoot a song for their project, I wonder what kind of education they are pursuing. The ride to the shoot location takes forever, and then Mahnoor’s car breaks down again. Remember this? Her car’s battery was replaced in the previous episode itself. It needed a change again? Within a week? What’s going on?


And then Mahnoor almost hits a car. The rowdy driver gets down and begins yelling at Mahnoor. He needs to take a chill pill, and Asfi tells him just that. Yep, he interfered because the rowdy man mentioned something about Mahnoor’s khandaan. Bas phir, jaag gayi ghairat.


Mahnoor sulks like anything for the rest of the ride home. And guess who sees them together? Tanno and Bitto.


Ab aayega mazaa, mazaa nahin maha mazaa. Remember that ad?


Alright. Time to review Fraud, even though I don’t really want to.



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