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Let’s review: Dhuwein Ka Hisaar (دھوئیں کا حصار) (Smoke Bulwark) – 1973

Plot Summary

Dhuwein Ka Hisaar continues from King Chaang. Imran is alone with Deadly Frog aka King Chaang. That’s not all, he charms him just like that.

Note the conversation.


The incident is funny and it shows how easily Imran manipulates people.

Geography Lesson: French Polynesia is a collective of ~118 islands. Tahiti is one of them. I could not find Bankata and Mukaru, but these names are quite close to real island names.

Joseph continues to be Prince Harbanda –  prince of Bankata. And, his supposed wife Tala Bo’a insists that he should apologize to his father – the king of Bankata.

Frog is unpredictable. He kicks out his girlfriend Umbeini and Imran for something trivial and sends a convoy of goons to chase them. Imran dodges them of course. There goes the girl aide trope.

Imran and Deadly Frog head to Mukaru separately, alight at Poinyari – King Chaang Distillery. Then, they reunite on their way to Mukaru for their shared vested interests.


Hmmm, not as punching as the first one in the series. This was a bit bizarre and absurd and too many things happened too quick. Still digesting all the details. Hazmola hona.

And why does Imran always get a woman to constantly torture him? Annoying “girl aide” trope. Ibn-e-Safi heavily relied on this trope / formula in Imran Series.

That is my review of the 69th story of Imran Series. What do others feel about this story? Please comment.

Shabana Mukhtar

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