Crochet Project | Winter 2022 | Poncho Using Two Unequal Rectangles

I started crocheting this poncho last winter: October 2021. It is one year later, and I’m finally done.


While this is still unfinished–I need a border on the the last edge, and I need to sew in all the loose ends; I simply love it.

I have a thing for verigated yarn. I love the colours and the product turns out pretty nice. Before working this poncho, I googled a lot to look for some new stitch that I could try and learn. After a lot of research, however, the plain old “khidki” pattern was finalized. The *dc1, ch1* repeat creates a window, that’s why I call it khidki pattern.

I never click pictures when I buy the yarn, or when I start the project. So, I have nothing to show off the initial stages of this project. I crocheted two rectangles–21inchesX56inches, and 21inchesX7inches. Assemlying the two rectangles gives me this gorgeous poncho.

How do you like it? Let me know in comments below.

Shabana Mukhtar