A Glimpse into the Future: My Practical City Design



Hello, fellow thinkers and dreamers! Today’s daily prompt is a thrilling one – “Designing the City of the Future.” I must say, the possibilities are endless and my imagination is already running wild. So, let’s take a stroll through the city of my dreams, a place where practicality and comfort merge seamlessly.

First things first, my cityscape would be a symphony of tall and narrow buildings. Picture this: each family or “unit” gets their very own vertical living space. This not only maximizes land use but also promotes a sense of privacy and exclusivity. After all, who wants to hear their neighbor’s cat serenading at midnight, right?

But let’s not stop there – every building in my city must flaunt a spacious terrace. Oh, but here’s the catch – the parapet would be taller than usual, acting as a respectful barrier. You see, one’s terrace time should be a sacred, uninterrupted affair, and my city design ensures that the neighbors’ eyes stay where they belong – on their side!

Ventilation is key, and rainwater sneaking into living spaces during monsoon is the ultimate villain. Fear not, my city would sport a brilliant architectural hack – buildings designed to capture ample natural light and fresh air, yet keeping rainwater at bay. A “dry” premise at all times, regardless of the weather outside. Practical, right?

Now, I know you might be wondering – why this obsession with rainwater? Well, my dear readers, monsoons bring their own set of woes, and let’s be real, nobody enjoys wringing out their soggy socks indoors.

In this city of the future, practicality reigns supreme. It’s not about far-fetched flying cars or holographic skyscrapers. It’s about addressing the everyday dilemmas we face, the small yet persistent irritants that can chip away at our peace of mind.

So, there you have it – my vision of the city of the future, where tall and narrow buildings provide vertical sanctuaries, terraces offer serene retreats, and rainwater knows its place. After all, design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about making life smoother, one well-thought-out building at a time. Here’s to a future where practicality and comfort coexist harmoniously. Cheers to the city of my dreams!


Assalam Alaikum and Allah Hafiz!

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