An epiphany


Yesterday, my sister cooked a winter special leafy vegetable. I did NOT like it, it was bland. It was bland to the point that it enraged me. How can something taste so plain? It was bland to the point that it was not edible.

I blamed her recipe / preparation. It was only chopped leafs and onion, tossed in a few drops of oil. She violated all my golden rules to make the food tasty.

  1. She used very little oil.
  2. She put very little salt.
  3. She kept it almost raw.

Then it settled in my head. This is the sort of food people would eat when they are living with high cholesterol and hypertension. It instantly reminded me of my lunch colleague. Of late, he has been visiting doctors for various problems. The doctor prescribed him many things, but “no salt, no oil” tops everything else on the prescription. I see him eat something prepared with beans, and rice; with no salt and no oil. I used to wonder how he eats it. I used to wonder how he feels. I used to wonder how it tastes.

Now, I know.

And, if don’t change my lifestyle, soon I will have to do that same. It is scary!

 Putting down the phone and running towards the gym.

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