Book Promotion | Fara & Moyeez | Cousin Marriage Sweet Romance

Two opposite personalities forced in the sacred bond of nikaah…

Moyeez and Fara are as different as can be.

He likes quiet, she likes noise.
He’s reserved and mature, she’s impetuous and hasty.
He loves to code, she hates coding.

It doesn’t help that their elders have tied them in the sacred bond of nikaah…

They say that the two words of nikaah – ijaab and qubool transform a person from within, and make the bride and groom fall in love with each other.

Fara and Moyeez and can’t stand each other. Would they be able to tolerate each other? Would they succumb to the magic of nikaah? Would they fall in love or grow apart?

Find out in this sweet and clean romance novella.

Shabana Mukhtar

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