Book Promotion | Once Upon a Love Story: Contemporary Romance Omnibus Edition

Once Upon a Love Story: Contemporary Romance Omnibus Edition


A Collection of Sweet Romance Novels:
Book 1 – Once Upon a Crush – Hiba & Ubaid

Book 2 – Once Upon a Stalker – Zoya & Onir

Book 3 – Once Upon a Contract – Moomal & Ahad

Two eloping strangers, one train journey and a marriage of convenience…

Bold and beautiful, feisty and fiercely competitive; Hiba Sayyed is all set to join VIT, Pune as first-semester Computer Science MTech student.

Tall and dark, handsome and rich; Ubaid Sayyed is all set to join at Informatica, Pune as a Human Resources executive. He has an inherent giving nature, especially when it comes to the fairer gender.

Seemingly strangers, the two bumps into each other at the railway station as they both flee from their families for a free and independent life.

Circumstances force them to be roommates and thus begins a funny and sweet love story.

Marriage of Convenience trope meets Old Crush in Once Upon a Crush—a clean and wholesome, standalone romance novella with a promised happily ever after.


A stalker who refuses to reveal his identity, a crush who refuses to take me seriously, a friend-slash-mentor who doesn’t talk about anything except work…

Zoya is confused. She is getting older, nearing the ‘unmarriageable’ age. It doesn’t not help that she sort of likes someone, and someone sort of likes her.

And, then, the pandemic strikes, making it all the more complex.

Onit is confuse. Her mother wants him to marry and he is waiting for the right time to propose to the girl he loved since he was a young boy.

And, then, the pandemic strikes, making it all the more complex.

A contemporary love triangle short story – Zoya, Onir and Time.

“Once Upon a Mentor” is second in my “Once Upon a Time” series – a series of is a series of standalone, clean and wholesome, sweet and fuzzy romantic stories with people from one story popping up in another as a guest appearance of sorts.

The stories can be read in any order. I do not dig cliff hangers nor can I write one. For better experience, read them in order, will you?

A runaway girl, a reluctant guy and a compromise for mutual benefit…

Moomal Khan is a data scientist from Bhopal. She holds a job profile that was regarded highly and paid handsomely. But she is forced to leave her job and run away.

Ahad Siddiqui is from Cochin. He is handsome, highly regarded in business circles as a self-made invincible billionaire entrepreneur. But he is forced to get hitched. When his friend suggests hiring a fake girlfriend, he hates the idea but cannot seem to rid of it.

Their paths cross as they wait for their flight to Cochin. He is desperate to get his mother off his case. He tries to woo her, and she tries to shoo him away.

“Once Upon a Contract” is a sweet and saucy romantic comedy based on a contract marriage romance trope.

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