Book Review | LAASH KA BULAWA | Jasoosi Duniya #72 | Ibn-e-Safi

LaaSh ka Bulaawa (لاش کا بلاوا) (The Invitation of a Corpse) – 1958

This story is sort of a continuation of an earlier story featuring Toyoda and Mrs Warner who run a high-profile brothel. My original plan to review all Jasoosi Duniya in the publishing order was a brilliant idea, a brilliant idea that I failed to implement.


So, this story begins with a murder of Fakhri, sub-editor of a daily newspaper Observer. He has published an ad: 

Meri Laash Tayaar milegi.

Two women arrive at Fakhri’s apartment. And both of them make an anonymous call to the police. But things aren’t as simple as they seem. Faridi and Hameed begin to work on the case.

This case had a lot of hilarious moments and bromance between Faridi and Hameed. And I live for that shit, so I liked that part.

I don’t like the stories that surround around brothel and flash trade. And this one was far too familiar. I’m sure Ibn-e-Safi has written another story on similar lines. When I get to that, I will try to link back to this post. All said and done, this story’s end twist was just mind blowing. 


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PS: Review based on vague memories. If you think I have misquoted anything, write the review and share the link. Peace out!

Shabana Mukhtar