Book Review | TOOFAAN KA AGHWAA | Jasoosi Duniya #67 | Ibn-e-Safi)

Toofan Ka Ighwa, or as I read it – Toofaan Ka Aghwaa, has a sci-fi theme. There is a doctor/scientist with a terrific invention that he can hijack a storm and take it elsewhere. Now, this can be a good invention or a bad one, depending on the intentions.

Inventions and intentions go hand-in-hand, don’t they?

Most powerful people have bad intentions, so does this doctor. But what can he do when the great Colonel Ahmed Kamal Faridi is after him? NOTHING, machha!

Kidnapping the storm was a nice concept.

This story was interesting for one more reason. This one introduces Fauladi (Fauladmi, per my brother). Fauladmi is a combination word – Faulad (Iron) + Aadmi (Man).

When I read this one in 2017; I googled a bit.
Iron Man, as a MCU character, first made appearance in 1963, and got his name in 1968.
This novel “Toofan Ka Aghwa” was first published in 1957. So, iron man is originally Ibn-e-Safi’s original concept. Isn’t that awesome. For more ramblings about how much I like Ibn-e-Safi and why, read this post.

PS: Review based on vague memories. If you think I have misquoted anything, write the review and share the link. Peace out!

Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Thanks, I guess. I don’t really follow a template to review. This just me rambling about stuff…

  2. You reviewed this book very well

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