COVID-19 Diaries| A/B Testing

Yep, it is happening.


My sister’s office carried out this exercise two weeks ago, so it is safe to say that my company is quite reluctant to give WFH.

A/B testing is an analytical term. I am using it losely here. The employee headcount will be divided in two groups – A and B. One group will work from home while the other comes to office.

Of course, it brings up a very genuine question – how do we divide groups?

People who are already doing WFH and have been doing that even before Corona outbreak, had very invaluable inputs.

  • Seat them alternately
  • Seat people with a gap of two empty desks
  • Utilize vacant desks 
  • I don’t want to come on Thursday, prior commmitments
  • I cannot come on Friday, priot commmitments

My manager didn’t get to talk for 25 minutes, during which, all sorts of suggestions were given.

I don’t understand what the fuss is about.

I walked out. There was more talk and finally the groups were divided based on the very first suggestion – seat them alternately.

Is Pune effectively on WFH now?

Shabana Mukhtar

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