COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #22

I had to take half day leave from work to get groceries, can you believe that?

After my initial stint in getting the essentials, I had decided that I will try to get the next batch of grocery long before it’s over. That is, 2-3 days in advance.

On Friday, I went out to get groceries, because I knew I will be out of supply for rice, flour, sugar etc in a couple of days.

My downstairs neighbour told me: “If you’re going out for groceries or vegetables, don’t. There was an announcement that the shops will remain close for three days.”

“Thanks,” I said and came back. T

I must have missed the announcements because announcements are almost always unintelligible.

I tried again on Sunday, the shops were still closed.

I went yesterday evening; the shops were still closed.

Yet another panic attack. I was down to one day’s ration and was freaking out.

Last night, I tried ordering from big basket. There were no slots, as usual. Finally, tired of this anxiety, I googled. The shops will remain open only in the morning from 10 AM to 12 NOON.

Ah, I see.

I could not sleep, as is the norm. This morning, my sister shook me to get up and login.

But, no, I didn’t login.

The first thing I did was to get ready and go out for groceries. Two shops, heckling with tens of restless buyers and 75 minutes later, I came back home victorious, with two big bags of essentials and drained in sweat.

I am all set now, at least for two weeks. This time, I promise, I will get the next batch before deadlines are near.

Shabana Mukhtar


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