COVID-19 Diaries| The Dreaded Curfew

I am generally a chill person. The severity of social conditions does not hit me until very late. I am bogged down by my personal demons, you see.

So, even though I heard people talking about stocking groceries and buying medicines etc in bulk, I did not pay any heed to them.

Until Friday.

Most of the shops were shut on Friday. Even fetching milk for tea proved to be quite a chore.

Then it hit me.

I had heard, and considered it a rumour, that the shops will be shut for three days.

I panicked.

By that evening, I had no milk, very little rice and flour and lentils. It would last me a day. What will I eat after that?

Then a thought hit me. I have been a bigbasketeer since demonetization – remember that?

So, bigbasket to the rescue. 

Or not.

Most of the products were out of stock, increasing to my already high-level of anxiety.

When I was ready to check out, two more products were unavailable. Damn!

Let me just get hold of whatever I can, I thought. The delivery date was set for three days later. Say what?

Thankfully, the shops opened yesterday. My brother bought the grocery, worth 887 rupees. At least we can eat steamed rice until situation gets better.

Today is curfew. People aren’t supposed to step out of their house from 7 am to 10 pm. Police gets an opportunity to beat civilians. 

And, apparently expected to create noise pollution, as you might have read here.

4 more hours to go before the dreaded curfew ends. Allah, give me the patience to tolerate the stupidity of my fellow countrymen. Amen.

Shabana Mukhtar