COVID-19 | Indians Are Back to Basics

The internet and especially WhatsApp is flooded with various tips and tricks for to protect yourself against the virus. The top one is:

Wash your hands

That’s pretty basic, right? I mean, why wouldn’t you wash hands? I am not saying that you willy nilly get up randomly and wash hands. At least, when there’s need.

Here’s a funny anecdote. People don’t wash hands before eating. That’s cringe-worthy, for me. People are using their keyboard, mouse, touch other surfaces full of germs and then they just eat when something is offered to them. Ewww!

Wait, there’s more. 

People don’t wash hands after using the loo, I kid you not.

I have seen many women using the washroom. They step out of the loo, fluff their hair and off they go. The first time I witnessed this, I almost called out for that woman: “Ma’am, you forgot to wash your hands.”

Now, if it someone’s birthday, I wish them on messenger. I don’t shake hands with them, nor do I eat the sweets they bring. 


Because people don’t wash hands.

Now, the virus has scared us enough to follow the rule. Thank you, Coronavirus, for temporarily making people go back to basics.

Shabana Mukhtar