Work Anniversary | 7 Years & Counting

My first post on wordpress was six years ago. The next one was when I completed another anniversary, and now it is 2019. Time flies or what.

A chilling Monday morning of 23rd January 2012, I had joined this company as a senior software engineer. Today, I complete seven years and I have been a senior software specialist for past two years. Two promotions in five years. Could I ask for more?

I am still not happy. I love the company and the benefits that it offers.

I like the technology stack that we work on.

I like the individual cubicles, that very very few indian companies offer.

I am still not happy. Why? Coz familiarity breeds contempt. I have been here too long and I hate every single person here because they are so freakin’ LOUD.

What do we learn from it? That you don’t have to be very happy to continue at one place. You can be angry, upset, frustrated and more – but can still continue. It shows that I am a non quitter, a perpetually determined, who gets going when the going gets tough.

Or maybe I am too lazy to look for another job.