Drama Review: Wo Mera Dil Thha (Ep1-7)

Wo Mera Dil Thha, drama written by Faiza Iftekhar,  airing on ARY Digital.

It is a clichéd story.  I watched these episodes for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I liked the beginning. The opening scene in episode 1 was awesome. One would think that they are a fighting couple. And then there comes the actual guy. That scene was totally unexpected, hence enjoyed it thoroughly.

Secondly, how Sami Khan portray Zaid. I have seen many dramas where he generally plays a confused guy. In this one, however, his devil-may-care attitude, and free casual attitude is brilliantly played.

Rest of the cast, in my opinion is overdoing it a little. I fail to empathize with anyone. The second drawback is it is slowwwwww. It feels dragged. And I have decided to not watch it anymore.

What do others feel about this drama?

Happy Watching!

Shabana Mukhtar