Getting my identity

Thus began the wait.

Oh, wait.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017:

Upon reaching office, I went straight to the meeting room. I was late by 5 minutes. I patiently sat through the meeting. After the conference call was over, I ran to my desk, and took a photo of enrolment ID. That is all I have, until I get my aadhar. I then looked up for status online. I know, the acknowledgement receipt says it takes 20 days for aadhar aadhar card to he issued, but no harm in searching, right. The site said there are no search results found.

Next day. I tried again. This time it says “the enrollment is in progress”. That’s some progress, I reassured myself.

November 23:

Like a ritual, after the evening tea, I checked the status of my application. This time, it prompted to enter more details, to download my aadhar. I got it.

Oh I cry, I cry, I cry

I might be sentimental

Don’t be so judgemental

I quickly updated all accounts with aadhar information, wherever I could.

Up next, a banks’ and mobile stores’ visit spree to update all accounts with aadhar information.

The wait is over. I have finally gotten my identity.

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