Tealess tea

That’s the tea we get in our cafeteria. It looks like tea but doesn’t taste like it. I always use a tea bag, or two. I call it ‘tealess tea’.

I am addicted to tea, you would say.

Well, i need my tea in the morning, cuz I don’t sleep in the night and have a perpetual headache. But yeah, I don’t say no to tea, so maybe I am addicted.

But, wait…

I have survived more than three days without tea.

Can you believe it?

Wait, even I cannot believe it.

And this cuppa is my treat 🙂

I started from home on Sunday. I fell sick during the journey – my stomach got upset with me. i was burping and barfing for the whole Monday. I couldn’t keep a bite even until Wednesday. I was not avoiding tea or food. the food was avoiding me. Do you really think i have that strong will power?

Today’s different. I brought breakfast from home.

The last tea I had was, hold on, around 4:45 pm on Sunday. Today is Thursday and I took the first sip at 10:45 am. Yes, I checked the time. Someone, please do the math. If I had waited 6 more hours, i could have made another record of four days straight with no tea.

Well, let’s get to work, peeps.

Shabana Mukhtar

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