Life is so bleh | 7 years of theothermeunfolded

WordPress reminded me that it’s my anniversary. I was like–whatever.

But then when I went to bed, it hit me hard. This is a big deal–7 effing years. I have put my blood, tears and sweat into this blog. Okay, maybe not the blood part, but I have sweated a lot, and I have cried buckets when things happened.

From 26 views in 2015 to 567K views in 2021, from 3 posts in 2015 to 792 posts in 2021, from rambling about stuff I hate to reviewing books and sharing my own to writing drama reviews; I have come a long way. And yet, I feel that I am still far away from where I want to see myself.

But then, life doesn’t work as you expect it to, right?

Life is so bleh sometimes, and I realize that I have gradually come to love the blehness of it all.

I hope to celebrate many more anniversaries of this blog.

Shabana Mukhtar

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