Life is Temporary


Sunset Viewed From Burnaby Mountain (8 Dec 2007/04:20pm)


Tears are temporary, so is laughter
Failure is temporary, so is success

Dark is temporary, as is brightness
Pain is temporary, so is happiness

“Life is temporary”. Nothing reminds me of this fact more than the sunset. The sun, in all its glory is a great indication of power. It is one tiny little creation of God. It reminds me of Him. the sun brings light, and gets the world rolling. Then after a few hours, it has to set. Its reign is short-lived, albeit it repeats everyday.

Everything in life is temporary, because nothing stays for more than a moment. When I was in school, I read a very meaningful  poetry in my “Language and Literature” class. Sharing the translated version. A short and sweet way to convey the message.

The pain of aeons filled in the eyes
The secrets of the two worlds woven in the eyelashes
Who are you, please wait old man
I am “time”, came a voice from far away

(Two worlds – the two worlds, the physical and the spiritual. the universe in general)

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