Nemrah Ahmad: The power of her writing

She is like a magician, who can change people’s lives through her creative work. My life has significantly changed after reading her book.

So, what did I learn from Nemrah Ahmad’s novels?

Unlike others, I have not yet started wearing Hijaab like Haya. I have not yet started learning Quran Shareef like Mehmal. I have not yet started to analyze everything and everyone, like Jihan. I have not yet started controlling my anger, like Faris. I am not as strong as Paras yet.

(I really want to)

I have stopped worrying about my insomnia and making a fuss about it. Like Khurram, I try to utilize all that time into creative and productive stuff, instead of sulking.  that in turn has made me more positive, and more thankful to Allah for everything that he has blessed me with.

We cannot all be Haya, or Jihan, or Faris. But we can (and we should) try to imbibe positive traits from them, as much as possible.

Thank you Nemrah.

Shabana Mukhtar


Haya: Jannat Ke Pattay

Mehmal: Mus’haf

Jihan: Jannat Ke Pattay

Faris: Namal

Paras: Paras

Khurram: Mere Khwab Mere Jugnoo

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