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Shabana Mukhtar is back with today’s daily prompt #2103: What is your favorite form of physical exercise?

When it comes to physical exercise, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly what you’d call a fitness enthusiast. In fact, I’ve bared my soul on the matter in a previous daily prompt #2060: How often do you walk or run? (Dated 16-Sep-2023), where I shared my love for brisk walking. But let’s dive deeper into this exercise routine that I hold dear to my heart.

The Simple Joy of Brisk Walking

You see, exercise doesn’t have to be grueling, and it certainly doesn’t have to involve complex machines or heavy weights. For me, the simple joy of brisk walking has always been my go-to. It’s like a mini adventure that unfolds right at your doorstep.

Taking up some form of exercise is now medically recommended to me. Even when I was not “forced” to take up some physical exercise, I loved to brisk walk. one of those days when your mind is as cloudy as the weather outside, or perhaps you’re nursing a pesky headache, a brisk walk helps. Just 15-20 minutes of putting one foot in front of the other can work wonders. It clears my head, cures my headache and makes me feel rejuvenated.

As I step out, the world transforms. The cool breeze, the rustling of leaves, and the gentle rhythm of my own steps become my companions. It’s a solo journey, a moment of solitude where I can collect my thoughts, let go of stress, and simply be present in the moment.

No Baggage, Just Comfort

One key to the perfect brisk walk is to travel light, both literally and figuratively. Leave your worries at the door, and don’t weigh yourself down with baggage. Wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes, ones that feel like a natural extension of your feet.

Also, wear a nice pair of walking shoes and be alone. I strongly feel that you must reward yourself some “me time” to feel truly relaxed.

Music as a Motivator (in the past)

Back in the day when I used to walk and jog early in the morning for a good half-hour, I had a secret weapon to keep me moving – Pink’s “Blow Me (One Last Kiss).” There’s something about the beat of that song that can elevate your spirits, make you move a little faster, and add a pep to your step. I also used to be very angry at the whole darn world, and that also gave me a push to keep walking and burning those calories.

Ah, those were the good times… In terms of exercise, I meant. I’m so glad that I’m getting over my anger issues. It’s still a work in progress, though.

And there you have it – my favorite form of physical exercise, a simple and effective remedy for clearing mental clouds and rejuvenating the spirit. It’s a practice that’s stood the test of time and always brings a sense of calm, clarity, and energy. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or someone like me who appreciates the uncomplicated joys of a brisk walk, remember that exercise is about more than just physical health; it’s about nurturing your mind and soul.


Assalam Alaikum and Allah Hafiz!

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