Shades of Red | Part 2 | Angna | Every Red Outfit Ever

[Courtesy: ARY Digital]


I recently concluded watching my first-ever soap Angna.  


I will forever remember Angna as the first soap I watched, the first soap I hated, and the first soap that had women’s wardrobe filled with reds and scarlets.

While watching the episodes, I realized that the characters wear red a bit too frequently. Some times, even in the same frame, we see two or more people wearing red.

Today, as I was browsing through all the images on my site, I noticed that there are far too many reds. That sparked an idea in my head-hey, what about a series of blog posts to show the same?

So, here goes. Here are some red outfits that we have seen throughout the show. ONLY FEW, because there were many.

















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Shabana Mukhtar