The eternal need to be pampered

No matter how old we grow, how mature we get, how many greys we have in our hair, there is small kid inside us who needs attention, care, love and pampering. I would go much further to declare that we, adults, need it more often, more badly than kids.


Kids have a different world. They don’t have deadlines. They don’t have chores to finish. They don’t shoulder responsibilities like paying rent, and bills and more bills.

We, the adults, on the other hand are constantly under stress for aforementioned reasons. Apart from that, we are supposed to take care of others. Old parents, sick elder sibling, newly married younger sibling, just-got-a-job sibling…. There needs are different, yet the same. They all need to be pampered; to be told that they’re important; to be assured that their problems will be taken care of.


What about us? Or in singular noun, what about me – the person who’s dealing with deadlines, struggling to keep afloat with load and loads of stress coming from everywhere, and taking care of others. I’m also a plain simple human being. I need somebody besides me to take care of me, to instill positivity in me, to cheer me up when I feel depressed.

But hey, maybe some people are on the giving side of crowd. Let it be. I should be strong enough. I’m too old to be pampered.