The Thin Walls of Good Neighbourhood



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Shabana Mukhtar is back with today’s daily prompt #2092: What makes a good neighbour?

I practically jumped when I saw this prompt because I know what makes a bad neighbour. Negate that, and you’ve got yourself a good neighbour.

So, let’s get to the question, “What makes a good neighbour?” It’s akin to exploring the essence of what makes a good human being. The qualities that define a good neighbour are, at their core, an extension of the virtues that shape our interactions with the world.

Consideration and Kindness

At the heart of being a good neighbour is the simple art of consideration. It’s about understanding that we share our lives, and often our spaces, with those who reside next door. Being mindful of their needs, their boundaries, and their right to a peaceful living environment is the cornerstone of neighbourly goodwill.

Kindness, too, is an essential ingredient. A good neighbour extends a hand of friendship, offers a listening ear, and lends a helping hand when needed. It’s the recognition that we’re all in this journey of life together, and a little kindness goes a long way in fostering harmony.

The Antithesis of Being a “Pain in the A**”

Conversely, a good neighbour refrains from being a “pain in the a**” pardon the bluntness. This translates to not being a source of disturbance, noise, or undue inconvenience to those living nearby. It’s the understanding that our actions have a ripple effect on those around us, and being a responsible and considerate neighbour is an act of respect.

In this reflection on good neighbours, I’m reminded of a more elaborate exploration of this topic in my book, “The Walls Are Thin.” Within its pages, I delve deeper into the dynamics of neighbourly interactions, sharing anecdotes and insights that shed light on the delicate dance of communal living.

Parting Thoughts

In essence, being a good neighbour is an embodiment of the golden rule—treating others as we would wish to be treated. It’s a harmonious blend of consideration, kindness, and the absence of behaviors that disrupt the tranquil fabric of communal living.

So, as we contemplate what makes a good neighbour, let us also contemplate what makes us better human beings. In the fusion of these qualities, we find the essence of neighbourly goodwill, and a shared understanding that the walls that separate us need not be thick with discord but rather thin with empathy and respect. 🏡🤝🌼

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