TOMU is off hiatus

Yep, that’s right, not that anybody was missing me.

I am back to India and even though I have plenty of things to post about, I had decided to take it slow before I go in full TOMU mode. But something came up.

What’s that you wonder?

Traffic, what else?

When I was gone, there were many things that I did not miss.

I didn’t miss screaming people.

I didn’t miss loud music.

I didn’t miss wrong-side driving.

I didn’t miss cheaters.

I didn’t miss traffic. I certainly did not miss it.

And, that’s the first thing that hit me in the face. Traffic.

I’m on the way to office as I post this. I have been stuck in traffic for 35 minutes now. It is moving, at a snail’s pace and I have already missed my office’s swipe before 11 AM rule.

That’s what traffic does. Gives you more content, more reasons to blabber, more topics to rant about.

Peace out!

Shabana Mukhtar