Top 5 | Singer-slash-actors of Pakistan

1. Atif Aslam

The man who wooed the girls with his textured voice and unique singning style. I still imagine myself sitting in the office cubicle on a Saturday evening with Atif’s voice booming on the empty floor – Doorie… sahi jaye naa…. He has already done his acting debut in Bol…

Hona Thha Pyar…

Hua Mere Yaar…

Aaye Nazarrr…

Chehre Hazaar…

I absolutely love the song, for Atif’s voice and his acting, both. Now, he is coming in a full-fledged grey-ish character in star-studded drama upcoming Sang-e-Maah. I can’t wait to see his acting chops.

2. Azan Sami Khan

I know… he isn’t as polished, but hey. This is his debut, and he has managed to show a range of emotions in the first 8 episodes. I particularly liked episode 7 when Azlan and Shanaya got married. Sajal Ali and Azan Khan’s chemistry shows on-screen, and the credit goes to Sajal and Azan alike.

Drama Review: Ishq-e-Laa 

3. Hadiqa Kiani

Even after 7 years of watching Pakistani dramas, Zindagi Gulzar Hai’s OST still rings in my head.

Zindagi Khak Na Thhi, Khak Udatey Guzri.

I have always known Hadiqa as a gorgeous and versatile singer. After years of listening to “Zindagi Khaak na thhi”, I have now discovered another side of her – the actor Hadiqa. She debuted with Raqeeb Se. I haven’t seen any full episode of the drama but she looks the part she plays. I watched her for the first time as Mehrunnisa, the wife of late Hidayatullah in Dobara. I can’t say that she is the Merryl Streep of singers, but she knows her way in front of the camera.

Incidentally, she has sung Hona Thha Pyaar with Atif.

4. Umair Jaswal

People remember the Sammi Meri War singer for his jackets and quirky performances. But more than that, I remember his powerful voice in Mast Qalandar and Khaaki Banda

I was pleasantly surprises after his acting debut Mor Mahal.   

5. Daniyal Zafar aka Danny Z

No, I haven’t seen Taana Baana in it’s entirety. But this dude can charm the camera with his smile. His acting needs some polishing, but he has the spark.

Bonus: Ali Zafar

I have not included Ali Zafar in the list. My introducton to him was Tere Bin Laden. For me, he is a terrific actor first, and a versatile singer later. 

Who is your favourite in the list?

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Shabana Mukhtar