Tuesday Morning | Treaty Tuesdays #1

I had forgotten how fun cafeteria could be.

Coming back to work after two years has very many downsides. My biggest grouse is the commute (duh!), and not being able to work lying down, wearing a loose tunic with mismatched palazzo and my hair tied into a high bun.

But it does have its benefits, aircondition being the biggest perk.

When offices started, Ramzan had already begun and I couldn’t appreciate little things that are available at office.

Now, Ramzan is over, Eid is over and I’m back to Pune after a week. Today, when I entered the cafeteria after 26 months, I felt strange. But the little pastry tray was sitting at the same round table by the lunch buffet.

Juicy, yummy, saliva-inducing, isn’t it?

It was so good. The tiny pastry was filled with orange and mango flavoured bits. And the base was mango pulp. I am drooling as I write this; it was that yummy.


And the breakfast was my choice, and a paid one at that.

It was just as tasty as it looks. 

It took me 3 minutes to just pay for it. My phone is so pathetically slow, no thanks for all the apps I have to install for work. Argh!

It took me half an hour to finish that pile of food. Of course, breakfast wouldn’t be complete without free office tea. There are tiny cups made available instead of old porclain ones. This is perhaps because they have gifted us a flask and mug set upon joining, and they want us to use our gifts. This also means less washing for the housekeeping and cleaning staff, so I approve of it. The only problem is, that I didn’t bring that flask or mug to work today, so…

Anywho, Tuesday is off to a good start, so unlike mourning Monday mornings


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Shabana Mukhtar