Well played, Pakistan

Yep, this is not a standard post. I’m not reviewing any book, or any drama nor am I promoting my books.

This is just a plain congratulatory post from an Indian to the Pakistani cricket team.

Boys played well.

That match between India and Pakistan on October 24, 2021 will be written in history. 

Boys played well, oh so well. 

I didn’t watch the whole match because I have a deadline at work, and afterwards I had a wedding to attend to. But I managed to watch the last few overs. It was a nice family event. My brother had set his iPad on the tea table as we my dad, my brother and I watched the game. 

It was a fun event for us. India lost its first two wickets too soon, and had not set a tension-inducing score. 152 wasn’t great. Pakistani team chased the score without losing a wicket. What a feat it was!

Oh, and that’s why the episode of Hum Kahan Kay Sacchay Thhay didn’t air yesterday. I read too much into the situation at times. 



Coming back to the wedding I attended… it was so awful! The men and women sections were separated, and yet many men were wandering in the women’s section. Why don’t we understand boundaries? 

And the girls were dressed so gaudily. I mean… I’m not shaming them but there is a thing called “sense of style”, and not many people have it. I liked the lighting and the seating arrangement. The food was good, the people…not so much. 

It reminded me why I don’t attend very many weddings. 

Okay, so now this post has transformed into a rant-and-ramble session. I should stop before I say too much.

Once again, congratulations team Pakistan.

Shabana Mukhtar