What’s wrong with this photo?



We have an invite from HR for some family time. The invite contained this artwork, and it ticked me off. I see something terribly wrong in this photo. Can you see that too?

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Human Resources 🙂

  2. Human Resources (rolling eyes)…. Rolling eyes is one expression I’m reading in all the books I have read of late. I’m learning to do it. Rolling eyes 😉

  3. Sara Saif says:

    Aaaah, actually I think that is more accurate. So what is HR?

  4. Sara Saif says:

    Umm, I see two things, one is ‘potentially’ wrong and the other definitely is:
    – I don’t know what HR is but this artwork belongs to a child. If this is a company shouldn’t they have made an effort into this or whatever?
    – The picture seems to be telling us that a family’s scope should be restricted to 2 kids only. Which is BULLSHIT.
    Now you tell me.

  5. Potentially true, and true.
    And extended to second aspect is that the family means two adults and their kids. What about adult’s parents? Or HR expects all employees to be married and have kids?

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