World Cup 2023 | Match #30 | Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan 30-Oct-2023

ICC Men's Cricket World Cup INDIA 2023
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Yeah, I’m now commenting on cricket, because…why not?

My dad was telling me that Afghanistan’s opening batsman Gurbaz is awesome. I hadn’t even set the iPad on the table when Afghanistan lost the first wicket-Gurbaz. Aise kaun karta hai bhai? 

Ibrahim Zardan plays responsibily with Rehmat but he also fell at 73.

But then things progressed streadily. Afghanistan proved, yet again, that they are capable of professionally chasing a target without losing the wickets. Afghanistan won by 7 wickets with a few balls to spare.

Afghanistan has come a long way from being a team who loses all the matches to now, when they are beating teams like Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It’s not an easy feat. I’m so proud of this team. It’s like watching a kid grow up and become stronger by the day. Kudos!



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