Dilruba | Episode 1

Alrighty, let’s review the very first episode of new Hum TV drama – Dil Ruba / Dilruba.

First, read about Dilruba’s Cast & Characters.

Plot Summary

The opening scene shows Sanam and her family – her paralyzed father Jameel, her caring mother Ghazala and her protective sister Iram.

Despite the fact that Ghazala is overloaded, Sanam insists on attending the wedding. She meets Ayaz, the photographer. If you feel like this scene has uncanny resemblence with the opening scene of Band Baja Baraat, you’re not alone.

Afterwards, Ayaz flirts with her. She doesn’t encourage him, but doesn’t discourage him, either. You know what I mean?

She comes back and tells the whole story to Iram.

She’s still in college, and likes to post her pictures ( no face), count the likes and comments. Flirts with everyone on phone but rudely in person. Her friends encourage her. Even if they say something to admonish her behaviour, she doesn’t listen.

She goes to the market with her friends.

Junaid, one of the shopkeepers, is watching his video on repeat. He recongnizes her and is flattened to see her in person. She used this to her benefit. Junaid brings them cold drink and offers a heavy discount, too. She leaves her notebook behind with a promise to return.

Ghazala is upset that Sanam is very late, but Iram still sides with her.

Junaid later calls her and asks her to meet somewhere. The next day, he brings her notebook and a dress that she had liked. Bhai waah!

Junaid wears the same shirt, by the way. Dude, instead of gifting clothes to random girls, buy some shirts for yourself and CHANGE every day 😛

He also wrote s poem in her notebook. Iram is not completely unaware of Sanam’s shannanigans with boys.

Alright, let’s meet Sabeeh.

Sabeeh and Samia are meeting a family for a possible alliance. The mother-in-law-to-be doesn’t look happy. She stares at Sabeeh, so much, that he excuses himself.

She doesn’t wait a second to voice her opinion – he seems old, weird, but rich

Soon, Samia reveals that the alliance is sought for her younger son – Razi. Razi is supposedly very handsome. The family immediately agrees, hands over some cash as shagun.

Sabeeh later ponders about the increasing greed in human race, while Samia is also unhappy with this hasty engagement of sorts.

Needless to say that Razi isn’t happy, either.

Ayaz calls Asad to ask for Sanam’s number.

Sabeeh runs into Sanam, likes chatting with her and we can see another aashiq in the making.

What’s their connection?

Samia had once asked for Iram’s hand in marriage for Sabeeh; and Ghazala had refused, citing the huge age difference between Sabeeh and Iram. Samia took it to heart and stopped meeting / talking to her brother Jameel and sister-in-law Ghazala. Typical nand-bhawaj stuff.

Sabeeh suggests that Razi should marry Sanam. Samia refuses flatly. He also suggests that as Jameel is not keeping well, they should visit him. Samia refuses again and walks out. Whoever plays Samia Laila Wasti has done quite nice acting – a bit worried yet a bit childish.


Hania is her usual chirpy self, no surprises there.

Although some of the characters are not introduced in this episode, one could guess there will be plenty more of Sanam’s sanams.

I don’t like the premise of this drama. But, my existing list of Saturday dramas has already broadcasted the finale episodes – Mere Paas Tum Ho, then Alif, and Deewar-e-Shab last week.

If I don’t enjoy it much, I may stop watching it, as simple as that.

For now, I have  promised myself to watch atleast 5 episodes, befrore giving up on it.

So long.

Shabana Mukhtar

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