Sabaat | Cast & Characters


Sabaat is a new Hum TV drama which will begin airing today – March 29, 2020. Amidist the COVID-19 scare, we need something to entertain and distract us, right?

Produced By: Momina Duraid Production

Written By: Kashif Anwar

Directed By: Shehzad Kashmiri

Cast & Characters

Character names will be updated later tonight.

Anaya & Family

Anaya’s house (Makes sense to include this in the list, eheheh)


Mawra Hussain as Anaya Aziz

Engineering student, a bit of a feminist and fights for women issues. She has her heart and mind in the right place.

Syed Muhammad Ahmed as Mr Aziz

Anaya’s retired father.


Seemi Raheel as Mrs Aziz

Anaya’s mother

Meeral & Family

Fareed House


Sarah Khan as Meeral Fareed

Ameer Gilani as Hassan Fareed

Meeral’s younger brother, who says amen to her.

He is also Anaya’s college-fellow.

Moazzam Ali Khan as Mr Fareed

Meeral’s father, a rich businessman who has seen bad days.


Leyla Zuberi as Mrs Fareed

Meeral’s mother




Osman Mukhtar

Meeral’s husband (yet to happen)

Jahanzeb as Ali

Meeral’s fiance

Abbas Ashraf Awan

Jaweria Kamran


Stay tuned for reviews. And, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar