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Please read about the cast and characters before you read the review. Previous episodes’ reviews can be found here.

Alright, let’s begin the review of the third episode of Sabaat.

Plot Summary

Hassan makes fun of Atif, for his open humiliation in front of entire college.

Whilst he’s enjoying pulling his legs, Meeral visits the college and meets Anaya. That confrontation is savage. And, I hate that Anaya did not slap Meeral back.

I am a fan of Anaya Aziz and Mawra. She has nailed this character. Also, Meeral’s slow walk with loud music is annoying.

Hassan is pissed at Meeral. She wouldn’t let Hassan be independent. Thankfully, Hassan has the same genes and doesn’t hold back. Nano interferes and asks Meeral to apologize. Of course, Meeral is adamant and mocks her grandmother. Subsequently, Nano gets a heart attack and is hospitilized. Once she’s stable, Meeral meets her and says: you looked like me, indeed.

Nano smiles and passes away.

Whatever is Nano’s story, I am intrigued and hope that Meeral learns her lesson soon.

Anaya’s parents are worried about her, but she doesn’t tell them about the slapping incident. She decides to meet Hassan’s family. I like her friend. She tries that Anaya refrains from it.

The next day, Anaya and gang play a small prank to get Hassan’s address. It ain’t gonna be pretty because she will most probably reach there when there is a funeral. Ouch!

Anaya does her bit, prays silently and is about to leave but Meeral is still Meeral…

Meeral is delusional and sees her Nani everywhere.

Afsheen, the BBC, tell Anaya that Nani died because of her.

I like Anaya’s quiet, composed and giving character. It’s quite contrasting to the annoying Meeral. The drama has kept me hooked so far. Let’s wait for the next episode.

So long!

Chalo, off to watch something else.

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Bisal Sadia says:

    Really interesting my favourite 💎😍😍😍

    1. Yep, so far so good.

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