Sabaat | Episode 7


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Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat.

Plot Summary

Meeral spots a grey hair and freaks out. For a self-centred girl like her, looks matter a lot, right?

Shakeel tharki calls Anaya and threatens her to meet him lest he leaks Muneeba’s photographs to her parents. So, in this need of hour, she seeks help from Hassan. I like Hassan’s demeanor – a lot of respect and a lot of love. Anywho, he has some contacts. They raid Shakeel’s house and capture evidences. I have a question. Why Anaya and Hassan have accompanied the raid?

Post that raid, she agrees to Hassan’s proposal. Mawra has nailed the shy daughter scene as she informs her mother about Hassan.

Nimra meets Meeral, tries to tell her that she has changed a lot. Atif also meets Meeral to give her update on Hassan’s love life.

Fareed, Meeral and Feroz are discussing the missing evidences against Yasir Qureshi. Yasir Qureshi brings sweets. He has been appointed as regional manager of a big rival firm. So, this rivalry will continue for a long time. 

Hassan gives his parents ultimatum – I will either marry her or not marry at all. Fareed relents, his mother is also on board. It is only Meeral who is opposing the decision. What can she do? Miya biwi razi to kya karegi Meeral. 

Meeral plans to kill Anaya. She seeks help from Ali, who refuses to help. What kind of arrogant biatch is she?

Fareed meets Anaya’s parents but not without humiliating her and her family. The two father’s face-off in a great verbal war. Mrs Fareed apologizes and breaks down before she leaves. Watch that scene to be thoroughly heartbroken. Well played, Mr Fareed. But don’t you know your son?

Here’s the best still of this episode.


Meeral looks oh so gorgeous. I have always admired Sara but she has surpassed her previous performances.

Shabana Mukhtar

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