Sabaat | Episode 14


Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat. It aired on July 5, 2020.

This episode begins with a cute scene as Anaya helps to cheer up Hassan. The couple then heads to meet Anaya’s parents. Anaya’s parents are so loving, so lovely. It is inevitable that Hassan compares them with his own parents.

Please read about the cast and characters before you read the review. Previous episodes’ reviews can be found here.

Mr and Mrs Fareed argue about the unfair distribution of company shares. Neither Meeral nor Mr Fareed listen to anything. Meeral isn’t happy despite becoming the owner of the firm. Tch!

Nemal fails to knock any sense in her. There is only one person who can deal with her – her psychiatrist.

You don’t want to grow old or relinquish power. There is difference between knowing and understanding. Don’t let the fear win you.

Lovely session, even for the viewers 🙂

The doctor patient relation soon turns unprofessional, though.

Anaya and Hassan arrange a get together for their friends. And, Meeral ruins the party.



Anaya’s head of department asks Anaya to join the meeting. Rarely see a good Samaritan like him. What boss gives credit to his resource?


Ruining the party wasn’t enough so Meeral insults Anaya in front of other employees. This is more than super-positive Anaya can handle.


Her boss Osman later consoles her but Anaya firmly tells him to keep the relationship professional. She seeks help from her father.

I love Hassan’s voice. I reiterate but whoever has done the costumes of this show have done a fabulous job. And, I cannot wait for the next episode. Why doesn’t it air daily?

Shabana Mukhtar

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