Dilruba | Episode 15

The latest episode of Dilruba (episode 14, aired on July 4, 2020) is out.

Happy Independence Day, America!

This episode begins as Khurram receives a notice. He is pissed, of course. The couple argues and Khurram leaves the house. Iss tarah toh hota hai iss tarah ke kaamon mein.

The servant Sharafat chacha suggests that instead of fighting with Khurram, Sanam should transform herself; be a little more modern so Khurram will pay more attention to her. Bhai waah! Servants are so smart these days. So are other people, no? Ghana suggests that he should be nice to Sanam so she writes the house back. Oh, nice! A game of pretence. Who will win this game?

We see a series of fake concerns and affection for each other followed by a long shopping escapade and a makeover. One outing and the governance Mrs Maria leaves the job. How long will this wedding last?

Iram calls Sanam but Sanam shows tantrums as usual. This leaves Iram and Ghazala concerned. They visit Sanam and are shocked so see her transformation. I

doesn’t sound like she has done this to save her marriage. If Sanam had a strong stand about how she should dress, she would not have agreed to all the charade. With her dresses, she has also as a person. She talks rudely with her family and Ghazala vows to never see her again.

She begins to attend parties with Khurram. Daniyal is shocked to learn the Sanam has changed herself for Khurram. But this is all a game. How long will this game last? And who will win this game?

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Shabana Mukhtar