Ask Laftan Anlamaz | Episode 4

For readers who watched Urdu dubbed version, fret not, I have you covered.

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 9

After a very ‘hot n happening’ date, Murat drops Hayat at suna’s place where Didem is present for the confrontation. Suna quickly tells Hayat a few basics about herself. Didem apologizes for having Hayat fired, she has a whole speech written on her hand. I like how Suna and Hayat bond together against Didem.

Murat comes home to find Doruk in his house. He tells that Necat and Derya are at Kamal’s house. Murat gets suspicious because Hayat had told that Kamal was sick.

Murat is rude with Hayat and Hayat as usual conferences with her friends. She tries to remind him of the “good time” they had but Murat tells her that he remembers nothing.

Didem is at work on time, surprising Tuval. She brings her friend Chang, who flirts openly with Tuval. Didem praises Hayat and Tuval decided to give her a makeover. Don’t we love makeovers? Hande is so pretty and her modelling experience helps her walk like a pro.

Anyway, so everyone gives compliments to Hayat and aAll the praise gets to someone – not Hayat but Murat. Jal kukda!

He gets jealous especially when Chang is getting too comfy with Hayat.

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan 10

Ipek and kerem run into each other again and fight again.

Murat scolds Hayat (because he is so effing upset about the whole Chang’s flirting scene). It irks Hayat and she goes to his house to clear the misunderstanding about Kamal. Because that’s what heroines should do 😀

He doesn’t have time to listen to her..

“I will swim, shower and then eat. Cook for me,” he says.

Instead, she drools over him when he’s swimming. I don’t blame her. He’s delicious.

Hayat doesn’t tell him the truth. She tells him that she lied because of Didem.

“I am a man of principles and don’t like liars.”

Hah! How is this relationship going to work?

Derya asks Cagla to give a file to Murat. Hayat is assisting Doruk in the meeting when Murat interrupts the meeting. The brothers go head to head in front of possible clients while Derya watches it on screen and smiles triumphantly.

Hayat calms down Doruk. Despite the fight, Doruk still loves and respects Murat. Azime talks some sense into him. On the other hand, Tuval calms down Murat and offers him to join the shoot to relax. Murat has stomach ache so Hayat feeds him a sandwich and gives him medicines while he drives. Bhai waah!

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan 11

Hayat and Murat arrive at a very picturesque location. Mesmerised by the scenic beauty, Hayat tells him how she loves such serene and romantic places. Murat, in turn, talks about his philosophy about romance and love. “Romance doesn’t depend on where you are, it depends on who you are with“. I am smitten – by the man and his thoughts, both.

Hayat tries to meddle between the two brothers whereas Didem orders Chang to flirt with Hayat. Didem has plans to set up teams but Tuval takes charge, Murat and Hayat end up in same team. Haha! Angry Murat and hyper-excited Hayat win the game but not before the bicker All.the.time. Doruk also arrives at the venue finding the final clue.

Chang lies to Hayat and takes her to a secluded corner. Murat sees him in a compromised positions. Of course, he loses his mind but he doesn’t see that Hayat has slapped Chang.

What does he do? He goes to Didem and takes her to his room. He might have good intentions at heart but that doesn’t look good. Our girl Hayat begins to weep uncontrollably.

Wait for the next episode’s review. It is getting more interesting.

Shabana Mukhtar