Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 11

Hayat and Murat arrive at a very picturesque location. Mesmerised by the scenic beauty, Hayat tells him how she loves such serene and romantic places. Murat, in turn, talks about his philosophy about romance and love. “Romance doesn’t depend on where you are, it depends on who you are with“. I am smitten – by the man and his thoughts, both.

Hayat tries to meddle between the two angry brothers whereas Didem orders Chang to flirt with Hayat. Didem has plans to set up teams but Tuval takes charge, Murat and Hayat end up in same team. Haha! Angry Murat and hyper-excited Hayat win the game but not before the bicker All.the.time. Doruk also arrives at the venue finding the final clue.

Chang lies to Hayat and takes her to a secluded corner. Murat sees him in a compromised positions. Of course, he loses his mind but he doesn’t see that Hayat has slapped Chang.

What does he do? He goes to Didem and takes her to his room. He might have good intentions at heart but that doesn’t look good. Doruk finds our girl Hayat weeping uncontrollably. Doruk is also a Sirselmaz, he is angry but stops on Hayat’s request.

She has had enough and decides to return with Doruk.

This is getting insane. So much drama, I wish I could take a day off and watch it ALL.

Shabana Mukhtar