Sabaat | Episode 9


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Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat. It aired on May 31, 2020. My +2 results were announced on this date. I topped my school with 92.67% 🙂

Plot Summary & Commentary

Mrs Fareed meets Anaya’s parents again and repeats her request. Mr Aziz refuses but Mrs Aziz and Mrs Fareed are on board.

Coincidence drive the plot forward as Atif appears for interview at the rival’s company – remember Yasir Qureshi? Atif blurts that Hassan doesn’t work at his father’s firm. And, that becomes the selection criteria. Would Atif act as a pawn in this game of chase? We will see.

Meeral refuses to talk to her parents but her Nani’s voice scares her and she is forced to step out. Haha!

Hassan talks to Anaya’s friends just to meet Anaya once. He talks to her and bhai ki speech is so good, Anaya agrees; but not before both weep like babies.

And, guess who’s also at the college to ruin the mood? Meeral, that’s who.

Mr and Mrs Aziz arrive at Meeral’s palace. Fareed isn’t there, but Meeral insults them plenty. Will Anaya be able to deal with the poisonous sister-in-law like Meeral? Let’s see. On a side note, Mrs Fareed’s comment was funny: She’s like that since childhood. Matlab bachhi bachpan se pagal hai.

Some More Commentary

I like how they cared about mentioning the marksheet and degree. Everyone who joins corporate world has that pain of getting the degree certificate before/for/after getting a job. By the way, Atif is soooo good.

Whoever has worked in looks has nailed it. Look at Anaya, doesn’t she look exhausted and upset?

And, beautiful!

I would like her wardrobe, please.
The best scene is when Anaya talks to her parents about Hassan.

Okay, so now some bickering. This drama and the melodrama has slowed down. Anyone else?

Shabana Mukhtar

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