Dilruba | Episode 10 | Sanam’s Dilrubai Has Taken One Life

Let’s begin the review for Dilruba’s latest episode (episode 10) that aired on May 30, 2020.

So, Razi’s car crashes into another. Right before that he tells Sabeeh to NEVER.TRUST.SANAM. Will Sabeeh trust his dying brother or the drama queen Sanam? Let’s find out.

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Plot Summary & Review

This episode begins at the hospital as Sanam recalls his last words. Razi is broken and nearly dying and he repeats his words before taking his last breath.
Don’t trust Sanam ever.
Mohib and Nabeel are so effing good in this scene.
One down, Sabeeh has learned his lessons already but Ayaz and Junaid are still there. Junaid learns about Sanam’s widowhood and his resolve shakes, again. Will he go to Germany for higher education or stay back to marry Sanam?
Iram suggests that this could be Junaid’s mother’s curses. Sanam is supposedly upset too. But how long will she refrain from her old habits?

Also, the obvious option to remarry Sanam to Sabeeh lingers on. Sabeeh refuses to marry her but Arslan, being the loving older brother, decides to convince him. But, Sabeeh not only refuses but also asks Arslan to take Sanam back.

Junaid’s mother want him to get hitched before he flies to Germany while Sanam’s family also worry about Sanam’s future.


Has Sanam changed for good? Is she expecting?

We will find out in next episode.



Shabana Mukhtar


  1. I just watched the entire episode but didn’t find any song in female voice. The whole time the title track played in male voice.

  2. Subash m says:

    Excellent series but trying to find the name of sad song sung by female singer in episode 10

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