Dilruba | Episode 3


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Let’s begin the review for third episode.

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Plot Summary & Review

Sanam is self-praising her photos and Iram wonders why the neighbours have made her solo photographs. Poor girl doesn’t know what her younger sister is up to.

Arslan calls home, especially to ask if Sanam liked the phone. He couldn’t get through to Sanam because Sanam is flirting with Ayaz.

Junaid goes to the college, and talks to one of her friends, requests her so Sanam would talk to him. In the meantime, his parents are worried about his changed manners.

Khalid Anam and Huma Nawab make their debut appearance as junaid’s parents. Big shots in this drama, huh?

Sanam’s friends suggest that she should flirt with Junaid if she isn’t interested in him. She meets him after the school. Seriously, Sanam is playgirl personified.

Razi is so excited about his wedding that he is willing to bring stars from the sky, just for the engagement. Samia is clearly upset and she doesn’t hold back her feelings for Zoya. This, in turn, upsets Razi. Sabeeh becomes the helpless mediator between them.

Zoya is a nice girl. It is her mother who’s greed will poison the relation. Samia is savage, and hold her ground when she’s asked to shop for Zoya per Zoya’s choice. Sabeeh explains this to Razi, making Samia emotional. Awnnn!

Let the wedding preparations begin.

Sabeeh visits her mamu again, and despite very clear hints that he has fallen for her, she encourages him. Yet again, Iram questions Sanam.

Junaid is bringing delicacies for Sanam; Ayaz is doing easy loads for her mobile; Sabeeh buys her very expensive festive dress; Sanam is playing her game well.

Nasreen Khala tells Ghazal about Ayaz and Sanam’s affair. That’s where the episode ends.

I just found out that Asad has a cameo in this drama. I am not happy 🙁

Shabana Mukhtar

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