Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 26


Let’s review Tera Mera Pyar Episode 26. Let’s see Kerim and Ayse find about Cedah’s evil deeds.

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After listening to Volkan’s story, Kerim comes back and the newlyweds fight again: who gets to sleep on the bed. Next morning, she dreams that Kerim is behaving all nice and romantic. Of course, it is only a dream. The bitter reality is that the duo brings in the morning arguing, again.

Erkut and Riza bicker again at the breakfast table and then they arrive at the office to meet Muhsin. We know how well that’s going to go. No, Muhsin talks about Malahat’s treatment, not Erkut’s business idea. Haha!

Bilal insists on Ayse and they do meet. I have a feeling someone’s spying on them, mostly Cedah. Ayse forgives him on the condition that Bilal would never bother her again. Bilal also warns her about Cedah.

Gonca is a graduate in fashion designing. She meets Samet, flirts with her and gives her CV. So, soon Ayse will have her former BFF with her.

The news shows Kerim’s scandal and everyone reacts differently – Riza flips out, Sabri celebrates, and Mushin is heartbroken. Because the footage also shows Bilal and Ayse.

And that’s another week of wait.

Shabana Mukhtar