Dilruba | Episode 4

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Let’s begin the review for third episode.

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Plot Summary & Review

Sanam and friends enjoy the “treat” Ayaz offers them.

Guess who spots him? Sabeeh. He isn’t alone. Samia and Razi are also with him. This is the first time Razi sees Sanam. He doesn’t seem smitten like other boys. In fact, he stares outside the window. Sanam self-invites herself and her family for the wedding.

Back home, Ghazala and Iram are worried sick. The moment Sanam steps in, Ghazala questions her. Sanam smartly puts the blame on Khala Naseem.

The first ashiq Junaid is upset that his father has scolded him, but his loving mother gives her 5000 rupees to buy gifts for Sanam’s birthday. She is happy for Junaid, but also apprehensive about this girl who drives her son crazy.

Kya thha jo ek ghadi dikha hi dete viewers ko?

Samia is still reluctant, but we know Sanam and family would be present at the wedding. The two families reconcile, eventually.

For Razi’s shopping, Sanam asks Sabeeh to take her shopping. He stupidly agrees.

Ayaz isn’t the handsome innocent man that he seems to be, he is a playuh, and is after Sanam to trap her. I am pretty sure this time he will be at the receiving end of the game.

This drama is quite fast paced, huh?

Shabana Mukhtar

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