Kashf | Episode 2 | Let the Tragedy Unfold, Already

If you’re new to this drama and interested in knowing the characters and previous episodes’ reviews, and you should, read here. It will help you understand the story better.


This time, the dream is about Shumaila, that she’s left alone in the marriage hall. She tells Wajdan her dream. Things blow out of proportion. Rasheda loses her temper, threatens to break Kashf and Wajdan’s engagement.

Kashf also dreams about Wajdan marrying Zoya. She doesn’t tell anyone about this dream. Why? I ask. For all other dreams, she aches to tell everyone about it. Why not this one?

Dadi isn’t a fan of Dilshad but she doesn’t trust Imtiaz either. She’s like thali ka baingan. Kidhar bhi ludhakti hain.

Anywho, so the wedding is in full swing. I didn’t like anybody’s dress in particular, because that’s what I look for in wedding scenes. Fayyaz gets a call. Soon, they announce that the groom’s car meets with an accident and he is no more.

Groom should have been given a name at least, even if no actor was hired for the role. The whole “groom is dead” news is taken so casually. There is no shock value on anyone’s face. There is drama and overacting, by Rasheda and Wajdan. This time, dadi sides with Rasheda. Thali ka baingan, I told you. I have never known Junaid Khan to give very memorable performances but in this one, he is not even trying.

Engagement is called off. And Kashf still hasn’t told anyone about her dream involving Wajdan and Zoya.

Shabana Mukhtar