Ishqiya | Episode 10

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Hamza takes Siddiqui Sahab to the hospital.

No seat belt, bad Hamza.

Mrs Siddiqui and daughters are visiting their tayi, by the way. They come home to an empty home. Rumi notices two cups and suggests that Mr Siddiqui could have a lady friend. That girl!

She scolds Mr Siddiqui and then Hamza. Hamza leaves, and Hamna has to go and see him off.

Rumi seemed annoying. So is Zoya. She giggles like crazy when she finds out that Hamza looked after Siddiqui Sahab.

Rumi takes the drama to next level and announces that she wouldn’t marry if he is unwell. Loud, slow and melodramatic!

Saman calls Rumi to ask for Siddiqui Sahab’s health, and she lies about the cake being perfect. She’s so pretty and pretty annoying, too.

The whole bari event results in one melodrama and one sort of tragedy. Azeem’s ego is hurt to go one day early. Hamza has given Rumi a necklace which he had earlier bought for Hamna. Meh!

The wedding day is here and we see a good summary of previous 9 episodes as Hamna reminisces her past with Hamza. Rumi consoles her that the sisters will always have each others’ back. You wish, sister. Once Rumi finds out about Hamza and Hamna.

The episode ends amidst loud music as Hamza calls Hamna and tells her that he isn’t bringing baraat.

Why did she pick up his phone now that she’s marrying someone else?

Kuch bhi ho raha hai.

Shabana Mukhtar

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