Yeh Dil Mera | Episode 24 | The Truth Is Out In The Open

Today is going to be a long night. I am wide awake and I don’t feel tired at all.

Let’s review episode 24.

If you’re new to this drama and interested in knowing the characters and previous episodes’ reviews, and you should, read here. It will help you understand the story better.


Aina is sitting alone, recalling Aman’s weird and scary behaviour. She’s determined to unravel the mysteries.

She finds the keys, opens the mystery room and finds one wall with several pictures of herself. I guess these pictures are taken from Sajal’s Instagram history, eheheh.

She sees three tombstones which reads that the three people were killed by Mir Farooq.

Aman comes home, finds Aina in the mystery room but doesn’t react much. He tells her his story. Aina doesn’t believe him. Who would believe that her father is a killer?

Farooq and Ali Bakhsh discuss the blackmailer, the unknown email sender and Aman, without realizing that the three personalities are one single person. Farooq asks Ali Bakhsh to check Sahira’s last phone calls. The second last number is Aman’s number.

The confrontation also happens, and is very predictable. Aman obviously has the upper hand.

Aina refuses to go with Farooq, adding another feather to Aman’s cap. What brought this change, you wonder.

Farooq still doesn’t know just how much Aman knows about him.

Aina stayed because she wants to prove that Farooq is innocent. Bah, poor girl, you don’t know who’s side you’re taking.


I should point out that the tombstones say “Abdullah” instead of “Ubaidullah”. Urdu dramas should know the difference, no?

Ahad Raza Mir is so wonderfully creepy in that scene where he reveals everything to her. Also, he pronounces inkar as inqar.

Shabana Mukhtar